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Arrival (2016) – Got no rivals!

The makers of ‘Arrival’ teach us that when your mind is tired of thinking about what’s going on around you in the world: think outside the box.

Or the world rather!

REVHUMAN had read an article before watching the movie that the arrival did what Interstellar couldn’t. Create a narrative about out of world experience and dealing with the perspective of the linearity of time.

Quick context: linear time states looking at the timeline as if all events in the past present and future are happening simultaneously, and those who are able to look at the timeline like that know what’s up and know that everything is ‘fixed’.

Amy Adams is an intelligent translator, while Jeremy Renner holds the fort on the science end of things. Together they have to find a way to communicate with the ‘Aliens’ and figure out what they want from simple ‘ol Earth.

The movie plays with a lot of symbols, not symbolically, but again literally as the planet continues the pursuit of deciphering the codes. On a lighter note, the first half of the movie gave a lot of scope for memes and are going to be immortalized into the depths of the interweb anytime now.


Like most sci-fi mysteries, Arrival too, raises many questions. In comparison to Interstellar, the movie’s more down to Earth, in the literal sense. It shows the perspectives of how the world would react in such a situation.

The camera work and the special effects in the first half are majestic, the music is the unsung hero of the movie as it hooks you onto each moment. The second half is faster and edited to a crisp. As the mystery unfolds it seems to become a much better movie than portrayed by the trailer.

The movie is not about what the trailer leads you to believe. Just like the inspiration of the movie, Ted Chiang’s short-stories labelled “Story of Your Life”, Arrival is about how we perceive language and time and how we should be more accepting towards life. Not stuck in the past or guessing the future, but to make the most of the present.

REVHUMAN recommends you to watch Arrival (not to be mistaken with Charlie Sheen’s The Arrival) and share your thoughts with us down there in the comments section!

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