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Hershey’s Chocolate Milkshake

Hershey’s Chocolate Milkshake is a product you will want to buy if you see it in a shop’s verticooler.

Largely because it is HERSHEY’S frickin’ CHOCOLATE. In milk. REVHUMAN saw this at a 24-hour pharmacy when looking for a quick bite after leaving at 2:30am from work.

The shop-owner said this product hit shelves 5 days back (probably around 3rd week of August)

Contemplatin’ when ain’t Sippin’

In a packaging so basic you’d think it’s designed on PowerPoint. Okay that maybe a bit harsh on their designer but considering most chocolate milkshake/smoothie packages look like they came out of a Porygon’s ass, they had to design to differentiate. But why not design to attract?

It’s thicker than normal packaged milkshakes, but does not have any distinct taste, it could’ve literally been any chocolate drink. Danone’s smoothie has probably spoiled the Indian market for choice with its extra thick and extra chocolate-y Smoothie. And with a similar price if that’s what they’re fighting against then they’re not going to have a delightful time.

For those who love Hershey’s kisses, this is more on the line’s of Hershey’s wet willies. 

It probably is too much to expect from a Rs. 35 tetra pack, but considering we are in the competitive, Indian, value-for-money, over-promise over-deliver, buy a Rs. 10 pack of biscuits and get a mobile recharge of Rs. 10 free kind of market; it’s not really a good buy.

REVHUMAN awaits the marketing campaign for this product (which is also available in Strawberry and Cookies & Cream variants) to see how this is positioned as. It’ll be most probably targeted towards kids as you can see the ‘Calcium & Vitamins’ sign on the pack. Not that it will alter the taste in any manner. But wait, would it?

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