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Reviewing the benefits of not using JIO.

Some fodder for a naive mind.

As we all know, JIO was the new it thing late last year when they announced affordable 4G data plans with free calling forever for users who were struggling for MBs with their 3G data providers.

But that wasn’t the highlight of the deal. For early/immediate adopters, JIO gave away unlimited free 4G data to users for the initial 3-month period. Dubbed as a new year offer they later extended it till the end of the financial year (ie. 31st March)


What happened next blew a few minds:

From paying an average 250 rs for 350 MB of 3G data to not having to pay for faster speeds for the next 5 months. Now this move is not called ‘entering the market’ as a lot of experts stated, but it’s utter domination.

Considering India is one of the largest markets of dual-sim smartphones in the world, most people with compatible devices decided to give home to JIO in the additional slot.

What about those who don’t use JIO?

Well in order to hold on to whatever customers that remain, network providers have gone to extreme lengths to keep the consumers excited.

Hathway, noticing that the home WiFi networks are next in-line for a taste of JIO, doubled the FUP limit for those who continued to remain with their service.
Airtel has launched lucrative plans for users who are ready to commit with the network for another year.

For the small naive section of society who are not sure what JIO’s endgame is have some respite due to the other panicking network providers.

With competitive networks pushed back into a corner, expect a strong comeback attempt from them. An attempt that will only make life more interesting for the end consumer providing him with great options.

Now what does Reliance have in mind after taking up a huge chunk of the population on board is something we all are speculating.

As Seth Godin puts it,

we see that if you’re not the customer, you’re the product. “Free” usually means, “you’re not in charge.”

Maybe the Indian success story can act as a case study for the brand to enter international markets. Or there’s more than what meets the eye and JIO is the start of a Kingsmen-esque world domination campaign!


The former’s more likely…

How are you enjoying the JIO life? Drop a comment and share your reviews!

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