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REVHUMAN’s Ready to Redefine!

If you’re an avid follower of my blog… (I know you’re) Then you may have read a post about me cribbing about lagging devices. In case you haven’t here it is.

Lately my blog-posts have been like the flashback sequences of Arrow where I randomly head back in time and rant about an incident that only makes sense when I end it.

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But hey, what does this button do? (DeeDee translation: why am I bringing all these things up?)

Well, because Asus has perhaps heard my previous rant (yes, narcissist much.) and have come up with the world’s first smartphone with…. 4 gigs of RAM! And that’s just the very beginning! The sequel to the very popular ZenFone; Asus ZenFone 2 packs a knockout punch. And on the nationwide launch of this beaut; Asus wants to know 5 reasons why I think Asus will redefine our smartphone experience with the new ZenFone 2.

If you know my blog, and if you know me as well… you know that I don’t need any season to be laying down some legitimate reasons! (Have been waiting a loooooong while to use that)

Here it goes!

  1. R-AMazing!
    As I mentioned earlier it is the first smartphone in the world to boast of 4 gigs of RAM. One can imagine life without lag with this powerhouse in their palms, and of course, multi-tasking will be a piece of…well, everything!.
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  1. Charges like a beast:
    Asus decided to outcharge their competition, battery-wise of course! The phone’s packed with a Boost-master technology that, along with its charger, can charge your phone upto 60% in under 40 minutes! So need to worry about putting your phone to sleep while it charges, now only a power-nap shall suffice.
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  1. Clicks more than what meets the eye:
    The device has a 13-megapixel camera (Pixelmaster as they call it) with a Toshiba sensor and zero-shutter lag. Combine that with the 4gb RAM the device has and you have the potential to become a one-man paparazzi.
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  1. Looks at the bright side of things:
    No, literally. It’s low-light image capturing ability clicks images 400% brighter than others in darker conditions without the use of flash!
Can you see this unicorn? You would’ve had I clicked it using the Asus ZenFone 2!
  1. The Price is Right!
    I won’t be playing any guessing games here. The high-end model of this feature-packed device is priced under 20k! Yup, the high-end model costs just around 19,000 Rs. This is what I love about the modern-day smartphone market. Technology improving, competition increasing and all the big players want to make the users happy with the best of devices at the lowest price-points!
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So there it was, 5 reasons why I feel Asus ZenFone 2 is awesomesauce. The phone hits markets on the 15th of April; so go ahead and look up more info about it, Here’s a handy link in case you’re too lazy to google. Ciao, readers!

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