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Jab bhi koi open-letter dekhu, mera dil deewana bole WOOOW.

Just when Saif Ali Khan’s 15 years of fame were fizzing out, he decided to get people to notice him like any other Prince with a Bollywood career would do: he wrote an open-letter.

All you 5 regular readers of this site know that open and letters are the two words that make REVHUMAN salivate and stroke his chest hair. (You’re welcome for that visual)
But this didn’t start with an open letter. It started with comments on nepotism and a scripted jab by beneficiaries of said -ism. REVHUMAN won’t delve into that because you’ve read and heard enough about it already.

With what seemed to be a ‘laughing at ourselves’ moment from an award show that’s​ been lacking lustre since over a decade… led to apologies from the involved parties, because who gets sarcasm these days anyway? BUT
Saif Wow Ali Bade Aaram Se Khan decided to pinpoint every naysayer and basically asked them to fuck off.

This is not a movie promotion gimmick. You need to be doing movies for that. Not possibly (and hopefully) leading to promote his netflix series that’s apparently in the making. This is just an FU.

“FU from my rear-view!”

Ladies & Gentlemen, this man has nothing to lose. How could he be any less popular? His last couple of appearances were in Rangoon (remember?) and Dolly Ki Doli (don’t ask how I know this) where he basically played himself for a scene.
Nawab saahab was non-existent on the internet.
Rumour has it that if you google ‘Saif Ali Khan’ and click on the 3rd page, Sundar Pichai pops up and says Wow.

Heck, the petrol pump doppelgänger makes it on page 2. This guy is nowhere. If you promote a post on Facebook and target Saif Ali Khan fans, you get your money back and get an email from Facebook HQ asking you to not pull such shenanigans again.

In his open-letter he displays his shut-mind, not only does he insult an Elle feature writer (guess who’s getting promoted) but also quotes a certain Depp (some wife-beating, drunk-playing actor) on how he shouldn’t be explaining himself. Okay, maybe the Depp-jab was unnecessary, but the updates are disappointing.

But maybe, maybe he shouldn’t explain himself. Because he’s a Nawab.

In his defense, though:
He’s probably not a big fan of democracy. So free speech must be annoying to him.

But out of all the things he could’ve spoken about, he decided to pick a topic where he’s likely to get the least sympathy or support.

Remember when he wrote an open-letter bashing everyone for bashing him (and wife, whose initials are ironically KKK) on naming their son after a tyrant?
Me neither.

You shame and hate on my family including my newborn​ son? “I shall ignore you.”
You call me out on cracking a distasteful-joke? “Rana Pratap, humari bandook kaha hai?”


Like wow. Really.

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