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Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

Welcome to the jungle,
It’s the sequel to Jumanji

It’s a movie full of bungle
Left REVHUMAN a little maungy

It stars among others, The Rock,
Kevin Hart, Jack Black

Teenagers get sucked into a video game
And they got to play their way back
Will they return unscathed?
There’s no shadow of a doubt

This time they’re in the game’s world
That wasn’t what the first movie was about

The transitions are slow
And the jokes are overexplained

This movie is obviously for kids
So maybe the makers shouldn’t be blamed

The original had some soul
And had some wonderful thrills

The sequel seemed a little lackluster
Since it had huge shoes to fill

The talent at hand was underutilized,
Probably because of the PG-13 rating

But then why would you hire top stars
And indulge them in childish debating?

They focused too little on the game
But more on spending the studio’s money

The makers simplified the thrills
And forgot to make it funny


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