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Kapoor & Sons (2016)

A movie surprisingly relatable considering it came out of the Karan Johar banner. With his usual movies showing over the top personas and larger than life musical sequences and unrelatable characters, Shakun Batra has brought this movie into the household of most people.

It tackles issues like infidelity, homophobia, child-discrimination, sibling-rivalry, financial instability among few others and builds up to it nonchalantly. All in the background of a 90 year old man anticipating and embracing his inevitable demise takes the focus and drama away towards other not-so-eminent elephants in the room.

Kapoor & Sons is a story of a dysfunctional family, and it’s all perfectly conveyed.

The story runs at a slow but necessary pace and makes the viewer expect all the sub-plots to boil down at one moment.
And while doing so it succeeds as all stories get their logical justice. Being a family drama the movie surprisingly boils down to a lot of thrilling moments and engrosses the viewer wanting to know what happens next.

Each character plays their part to perfection, all attempting to hide their curdling insecurities. The actors act to their strengths and perform within their weaknesses and express relatable natural emotions based on the demanding situations.

The movie feels natural and so does the dialogue.

It can be argued that the story could do without Alia Bhatt’s beautifully entertaining character, but her involvement only adds to the buildup of the family confrontation.

Rishi Kapoor’s portrayal of his character makes people look forward to old age.

There’s a grand moment towards the end of the movie that may feel a bit unnecessary, but it’s hard to tell how the story could’ve progressed without it.

It leaves some breathing room towards the end as the expressions do the talking and plot moves forward reminding the audience that how sometimes it is best to live with the imperfections that exist within a family as some matters are beyond resolving.

Kapoor & Sons is a perfect afternoon watch with and without any viewing company and makes you reflect on the relationships in one’s life from a brutally black & white perspective.

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