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Let’s just talk about Logan for a minute.

Possibly the best spin-off of the X-men series. With a character like Wolverine it’s extremely difficult to be satisfied with the conclusion of his saga.

With a lot of mystique (no pun intended) created around why is he healing slower, getting weaker all of a sudden the response (thankfully) wasn’t a sci-fi invention nor self-poisoning as slyly presented. With the doctor saying that there’s something inside of him that’s killing him and to which Logan retorted that he knew exactly what was within him was a good enough indicator that the adamantium covering his bones had begun to poison his system.

The Wolverine DNA angle was possibly the only way the fox/marvel cinematic universe could’ve made Logan a father. Largely because they keep killing off his love interests. (Not cool, guys)

Quickfire: What the fuck happened at Westchester?

Charles ‘mindfucking’ Xavier finally lost his marbles around the ripe age of 70 and started mutant-seizing and killed off the people around them by melting their brains. Ooh gooey. There goes the X-men. The only bloke to survive apart from Professor X himself was, you guessed it, *Imma claw the shizz outta everything* Wolverine. It shouldn’t be a surprise he survived freaking Nagasaki.

So Clawdio took Javier and went under hiding cause the authorities declared X as a Weapon of Mass Destruction, not to be confused with knockout punch of the Big Show.

WMD is a regular punch, with theatrics, thrown by this 7-foot grizzly. Image Source: WWE/WhatCulture

Speaking of big show, what about the showdown between Wolverine and X-24? That was a plot-twist of epic proportions and would’ve been mind-boggling if the Terminator hadn’t shat on that concept.

A lot of people were seen ranting about the fact that the movie didn’t have a happy ending. Well, how about you think from old man Logan’s perspective?

He had forgotten most of his early life. He was part of the debacle known as Origins: Wolverine, He lost every chick he loved, was stuck playing caretaker to Mindfuckin’ X while he was internally being poisoned by his own body and just found out he had an annoying af daughter.

You really think a happily ever after story of a cranky aging Wolverine taking care of his teenage mutant daughter was something he wanted to look forward to? That dude was over 200 years old btw, he’d seen a lot of shit, survived the disco 80s, saw a few great depressions, two world wars, travelled timelines and he fucking saw Hitler and Donald Trump both come into power. He was a fucking uber driver at the end of it all. I’m not sure which is worse.

Cut him some slack. Let’s not see Logan suffer any further just for our entertainment. It’s almost getting depressing now.

Like a certain Deadpool had said in one of his iconic comics,

deadpool vs wolverine.jpg
Image Source: Marvel 


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