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Of Open Letters, Movie Promotions & Ironies

Amitabh Bachchan wrote an open letter to his granddaughters recently.

Talking about topics like sexism, gender stereotyping and basically allowing them to follow their dreams and marrying based on their choice among other things. That’s a very sweet gesture by a grandfather.

Read an excerpt here:

Except only the fact that he shared it online, just around his movie release, which is called Pink, which you don’t have to guess is about three girls, alleged abuse, sexism and other things the trailer wasn’t clear in conveying.

Watch the trailer of the movie here.

“PINK is a social thriller that reflects on the dubious morals of today’s times” says the trailer description. Okay then.

He mentioned how they should marry based on their choice, and how their second name will not protect them in the future (jeez, bro calm down.) He even adds a note for the toddler of the two that he might not be around till she understands the importance of this letter.

Which is good on her end as she won’t be proud of how the biggest superstar of Bollywood just used her existence for a publicity stunt.

But considering the granddaughters are very likely to use his family name to get glorified career options, why can’t he do the same, only in advance! At least a couple of decades down the line they can take some credit in the success of Big B.

While reviewing, REVHUMAN had a lot of trouble in
a) gulping down the fact that the most respected bollywood actor of probably all-time depended on a publicity stunt on social media (mainly because open letters are so passé bro)
b) The sheer amount of headline options REVHUMAN thought of while writing this article

Here’s a list of them, let us know in the comments section which works best.

  • Grandfather embarrasses grandkids on social media

  • Envelope sales down as open-letters continue to soar on social media

  • Amitabh Bachchan uses granddaughters’ names to claim promotion before they get a chance to do the same to him

  • Big B launches granddaughters in open letter: A new B-town trend?

  • Big B forgets granddaughter’s actual surname in lieu of movie promotion

  • Big B trusts social media more than actual kin to pass on message to grandkids

  • Big B uses Big fanbase’s emotions to promote Small budget movie

  • “Rishte mein toh hum tumhaare Nana/Dada hote hai…”

  • Amitabh saves paper and effort to write consolidated letter for different branches of family tree

  • Big B’s grandson on being ignored by grandfather: “Abhishek uncle, I feel you fam!”


There were a lot more but you should know each line of text on REVHUMAN goes through high-quality quality-checks and double-checks for errorasds.

Overall review of the open letter:
Not open enough, not enough mention of Abhishek Bachchan, not enough promotion of Aishwarya Rai’s ‘Aye Dil Hai Mushkil’.

Maybe Big B saw the trailer himself and realised that he should leave a disclaimer for the kids, “Fam, I’m 73 and doing crazy shit so that you can choose better.”

fam pls.

Though it’s probably better than the other things they are trying to promote the movie, like if you google ‘Pink Movie’ (heeheehee), you see an article by The Indian Express on Taapsee Pannu working through the movie with a cold, so yeah. Maybe the movie’s that emotional, or that was her regret showing, or a common cold. Pity.

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    Film stars sometimes may go to any extent to promote their movies.

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