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Passengers (2017) Review: Give it a Pass.

Movies are often guilty of being too different from their trailers and usually end up disappointing movie-goers.

Passengers is exactly the opposite of that. The movie is guilty of being too much like the trailer.

The only plot-twist worthy moment of the movie is in the first 15 minutes and its build-up makes it extremely predictable. An opportunity completely wasted, as it spoils the entire movie for you. The first half builds the movie as a mystery thriller where something horrible is going to happen. The only horrible thing to happen to the movie was the second half.

The movie is slow and fails to be thrilling when attempting to thrill and turns absolutely pointless when attempting to romanticise. You just can’t help but wait for the movie to end.

Chris Pratt adds nothing to his character, while Jennifer Lawrence’s emotions are the only thing in the movie on point. Michael Sheen is impressive but is wasted due to his very limited role in the movie. Not quite sure wtf Laurence Fishburne is doing in the movie.

There’s no engaging premise or back story to why people are leaving earth, why are they going where they’re going and why did they choose the carrier that they did. There’s no Utopian POV nor a Dystopian; the movie just is.

An accurate summary:
“The people who made the carrier fucked up, so the carrier fucked up, so the protagonist fucked up, then they made up for the fuck up in the system and lived happily ever after. The entire movie was a fuck-up about fuck-ups and was extremely disappointing considering the cast and the cost.”

In-movie WTF reference:
How the hell did they manage to create birds in that ship?

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