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Piku; Relationshits and what not.

Piku is a story of a girl whose father basically didn’t give a shit. Figuratively and Literally.He and the daughter bicker night and day. And the movie is basically how she tolerates his shit. Figuratively and Literally.

Considering the man is perpetually constipated, his behaviour is acceptable. His daughter on the other hand is shown to be independent, liberal and an overall a pain in the… (you know it) but somehow feels tied down to her shitty dad. She finally agrees to leave her life behind and move to Calcutta with the pop.

Deepika Padukone with Piku completes a hattrick of shitty movies; Happy New Year (Do I need to say more?), Finding Fanny, and now (Motion se hi Emotion aata hai) Piku! Amitabh Bachchan; who plays the father was probably challenged that he couldn’t do anything more shitty than ‘Yudh’; so he signed Piku.

Irrfan (kya samjhe?) Khan plays an owner of a transportation service with a Saudi back-story. Like most Saudi back-stories, his too involved struggle and deceit.

As much as I was annoyed by this movie; mainly because of the family bickering and transition to or from Bengali sentences (not because I have anything against it, just that I want a Hindi movie to be as Hindi as possible). The family bickering I do have a problem with, it’s because it’s something most of us witness it so often at home. Why should we take out time and watch famous people argue? But then, that’s a personal opinion (hey, it’s my blog you know)

So for some it was just a movie of a relatable family with a beautiful, delicate storyline. For me it was a story of a man who didn’t give a shit. Be it in the pot in the morning or in regard to anybody’s feelings. Coming to think of it, I sort of liked his character.

Thanks Quickmeme & Spongebob!

The man was deeply concerned about himself and his daughter, but his annoying nature made it impossible for him to express the latter.

So at a moment when he realised his daughter can handle her shit… He became free like a genie out of servitude, like django when he got unchained and went on ‘haters gonna hate’ cycling trip. He returned not giving a shit about his daughter. And as the balance of the giving/not giving a shit shifted to not giving one to the daughter, the shit he then gave was the one he craved for oh-so-long.

So eventually the father sorts his shit and finally attains peace. Any further details will act as a spoiler so imma stop now.

Special Mention:
Shoojit Sircar, in case you didn’t know is also the director of ‘Vicky Donor’. One can only wait to see what body excretion or secretion will he target next to come up with another movie plot. Maybe it’s his way to extract revenge from the universe for the fact that his name is spelled like this.

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