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You should skip Hello Charlie (2021) on Prime Video

Sponsored by Mahindra ka product placement. Review nahi re, movie sponsored hai.

Smuggling / Assisting defaulters out of vicinity.

George of the jungle ki technology ka istemaal karke.

Gorilla labour exploitation / delegation

Create a character version of Ranbir Kapoor.

Rajpal Yadav ki height ke hisaab se casting

Source: Prime Video ke YouTube se screenshot liya

Dialogue of the movie:

Mujhse nahi hoga, I can’t do this.”

Jackie Shroff

Kaash aapne yeh picture sign karne ke pehle bola hota.

There are rumours that Jackie Shroff was conned into the movie by telling him he’s shooting for iron man.

Chalo beta do your best Ranbir Bhaiyya impression.

Expectation Reality

technology mast hai re bhidu

REVHUMAN has heard that the municipality of gorillas formerly known as Zilla Gorilla are offended by their representation.

Source: Wherever George Reviews got it from,

*Zilla hile oh hille hille hille hille*

The entire movie is the build up to Jackie Shroff to say “Abbe chu****” to RK-bot1000

Ranbir Kapoor claims that it wasn’t him in Besharam it was RK-Bot1000.

Make up routine involved a Ranbir Kapoor stencil and a lot of spray paint.

When your movie strategy is to enhance a bad actor by surrounding him with worse actors.

You’ll be as disappointed as Jackie Shroff when he found out that the “Aarey ka Plot” that the producers offered was a concept note for their next project “Aarey”.

Source: HT

Why is this an abridged review?

I didn’t want to put in more effort in writing the review than they put into writing the movie.

There’s a good chance that I still did.

Rating: “Kya maa**** rela hai, bhidu?” (not to be confused with actual stars)

Bonus content:

<End credit scene/>
Pulkit Samrat when he finds another contender to the thrown throne.

Source: Google ne Indian Express ka image dikhaaya

Beta Ranbir bhaiyya ki mimicry karke dikhao.”

– When you’re a child connected to the Kapoor household

Remember when you’re a kid and asked to perform in front of your relatives?

Dil pe haath rk bole
(Source: Prime Video ke YouTube ka screenshot)

That’s how the next-gen Kapoors audition for movies.

Don’t go by the prime video promotion, Rk bot-1000 is not a Kaushal brother.


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