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You should watch Mr. Bechara (1996) on Prime Video

A nostalgia trip for 90s desi kids, this movie is quite dated in terms of societal nuances and has now entered the so bad it is good genre of Bollywood movies. Here’s an abridged review explaining what to expect.

The most sus doctor ever
Splits twins and assigns it to another woman
Shakti Kapoor creeping on patients
Horny hospital
Lusty nurse
Doctor conducts surgery for amnesia and notices a mole on the patient’s inner thigh which he uses as personal info to convince patient that she’s married to a random man.
Doctors that impregnate interns
Doctors that do worse
Secretly clicking pictures of patients changing clothes
Said image is pasted into the man’s photo with his late wife to create compelling argument.
Shakti Kapoor pretending to be a father and stealing from amnesia patients.
Shraddha Kapoor be warned.
He also offers them bananas.Sridevi randomly joins a group of dudes, drinks their beer, compares it to desi liquor which she somehow remembers. Then upon insistence agrees to scandalize and harrass women with song and dance.
? She’ll later beat them up ?

Beaches need better signage to mark high tides.
Anupam Kher basically thanking Anil Kapoor for saving his daughter.
How? By handing over a random woman with no memory to be his wife.
Every scene has look change.
Doctor getting his jollies off the potential of them getting intimate.

*back to reality*
Sridevi’s a badass
New India assurance branding
Disgruntled Nagarjuna appearance
Choice between actual lover and medically assigned lover

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