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You should watch The Consultant on Prime Video (2022)

An internet company is shook by the murder of their CEO & Founder. A stranger shows up, takes the reigns of the company and starts ruling with a tight whip.

This, if treated like a Michael Schur series would be the plot of a dark comedy. This however is much darker in its story beats and presentation.

What makes a company successful? Ruthlessness? Toxic work culture? Kidnapping? Worse?

This is where the plot takes you, in how far this consultant will go to get the company to succeed?
What are his origins? His motivations? What about the employees… Why are they putting up with all of this?

So many questions! Leading up to one last question… Will the payoff be worth it?

Christoph Waltz is amazing as Regus Patoff, the consultant. His first few moments on screen tell you exactly how you should feel about him.

He’s complimented exceptionally by Brittany O’Grady, who plays Elaine – his creative liaison (as she’d like us to believe)

Their interactions build the tension of the show.

You can watch The Consultant on Prime Video in India

Do give this series a watch if you’re looking for an intense, absurd, thriller set in a corporate setting. I’m sure this’ll make an interesting playbook for a corporate guru or the c-suite.

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