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Meet Chacha

Chacha always had this connection with food. As a kid he would wake up early morning every Sunday to watch television. And as his family slept on a lazy Sunday, when hunger would strike lil’ chacha, he would watch cookery shows and fill his stomach till a grown up cooked up real breakfast.

In Chacha’s academic years in college he would eat the enchanting Jai Sandwich with a bottle of Energee everyday. That combination left enough for Chacha to take the bus back home. Then one tragic day, jai sandwich increased the cost of his patented toast sandwich by 5 rupees.
And Chacha was left heartbroken as it didn’t fit his budget to have a decent meal there.
So Chacha started having medu vada. Alternating between Frankie’s on magical days where he had just enough money. Some days roadside chinese food was his brunch, some day canteen dosa.
For over 5 years Chacha’s wallet made the decisions for his stomach. But it also taught him a skill. A very particular set of skills in fact! He learnt to manage his money in a way where even though he may have to spend some days as a commoner, but he also got to spend some days as a king.

And that’s where the concept of #WalletApproved came from. And Chacha, vowed to never let a broke teenager or adult live his food dreams through the limitations in his wallet. This is him trying to answer his calling.


This post took Chacha to the past, he is gloomy and now needs comfort food.

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