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REVHUMAN Reviews: YouTube NextUp Mumbai 2016

What is this YouTube NextUp?

YouTube Next Up is an initiative by (you guessed it) YouTube, where they invite content creators/independent channel owners, train and enable them to get to the next level of YouTube stardom. On their official website they describe the initiative as a platform where the creators…

Learn to create better videos, get more subscribers and take your channel to the next level with the YouTube NextUp contest! Winners attend a weeklong Creator Camp at YouTube Spaces as well as collecting some other sweet prizes.

What are those sweet prizes? Well, their experiences get reviewed & featured by REVHUMAN, of course! Don’t worry there are actual cool prizes too, REVHUMAN is just an (awesome-sauce) add-on.

What happened on the 5 days of India’s first #YTNextUp?
Check out the cool videos below where the YouTubers themselves review the days of the workshop in 10 seconds!

Day 1: Data data data

Day 2: Practice makes perfect

Day 3: Shoot or Loot

Day 4: Chaos and Answers

Day 5: It’s showtime. Creators gonna Create.

How was it like?

Awesome, educating, a space full of great people to network with and great minds to absorb from.

The location:
YouTube space in particular is rad af, in the lounge area it has a huge ass TV where they play youtube videos shot at that location. Why are certain videos shot at that location? Because the space is equipped with versatile sets and equipment that they offer to YouTubers with over 10k subscribers for free. Yes. No jokes. They pinky sweared. From green screens to living rooms to a damn airplane interior, it’s safe to say there’s a lot to play with for the creators. Brb, creating a youtube channel.


That’s basically #YTNextUp in a nutshell. You cross the 10k mark and YouTube opens up a whole world of opportunities.

Moving on, some awesome top creators showed up to share their knowledge and insights. The ‘eccentric’ Kautuk Srivastava (awesome beard bro fist) and Karan Talwar from SnG Comedy gave their insights about maintaining production quality, creating a web series, and retiring stand-up jokes through videos. Kautuk also lead the students through a 3-point writing workshop and was caught performing in multiple boomerangs throughout the course of the day (All the best for your book, buddy!)

TVF conducted a web-series seminar, which the #YTNextUp crew got access to, talking about their journey and what all the current gen youtubers should keep in mind before foraying into the fascinating world of web-series.

BBkiVines showed up too and that dude is natural af, no level of pretentiousness (not even the acceptable amount), and gave awesome advice while maintaining a humble relatable tone in his voice.

Mandatory GIF, Bancho.

The show-stopper:
At the end of the 5-day workshop, after hours of training sessions, chaotic shoot & edit schedules, it was show time! The participants, clubbed into 5 teams delivered the video pieces in a special screening with most of the above mentioned mentors. The results were amazing, from psychological thrillers to song parodies, from comedy sketches to a super-cool dedication to YouTube, all genres got somewhat covered. What stole the show for REVHUMAN was when a ‘How-to-make-a-sandwich recipe’ video jumped into GTA fighting over a can of coke (it’s better when you see it).

All & all the first #YTNextUp in Mumbai proved to be a huge hit. There were a lot of other cool things that happened, but if REVHUMAN talks about everything (which he sort of did), it takes away from the exclusivity of the ’10k-100k subscriber-wala channel’ club.

REVHUMAN shall add more to this article after the official videos are out to set more context for the readers! Cheers.


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