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Reviewing the need for ‘Global Citizen’

It’s strange how you need some foreign celebrities to tell you to save water in your own country.
Our Prime Minister makes an appearance (via video-conference) agreeing with the lack of amenities and how together through commercial means we can tackle those issues.

Among the stalwarts that made their presence felt at the event; Mr Satyamev Jayate himself showed up to tell people to care about the country (and also promote his movie, of course, among an array of celebs there for similar purposes: SRK, Big B, etc).

Music unites everybody. Or a large number of people at least. Talking about cleanliness and encouraging a higher standard of living, aiming to eradicate poverty by 2030 globally; these all are good causes that the celebs are uniting for. But this article isn’t a rant about the artists or the collabs or the facilities. It’s about the people.

Some completed tasks for their ticket and won it for free, some just shelled out cash, while some ‘knew a guy’ and got in for free. Ain’t that India in a nutshell for us? The remainder streamed it officially as per the Global Citizen protocol. But that’s not really the problem.

With the concert behind us, a good chunk of people are still unaware or ignorant or apathetic about why they were partying that night.
Unaware of the cause, the gig turned into a popularity contest on who’s got a ticket leading to the oh so pivotal ‘which zone are you going to be in’ to the consequential ‘where’s the after party’.

Where’s the water though?
With the crowd packed in the MMRDA ground, the organisers soon realised that they ran out of water. Considering the amount of people packed into the ground and the number of toilets at the ground’s disposal, it was probably for their own good.

With people complaining about the lack of water they were;
a) probably given a taste of how the underprivileged feel


b) global citizen movement that aims to end poverty couldn’t provide water to the paying patrons of the movement.

Which way do you see it? Either way stirs the pot up, otherwise we can just admit that there was some logistical overwhelming in the proceedings. Which seems only fair.

Speaking of water…




This stuff happened too…

Attending a concert dedicated for important causes, one of which being cleanliness and the folks landed up leaving the place like this.

This is why we can’t have nice things.

The saddest bit remains that entertainment’s the only way to get people’s attention these days. Yes, the planet needs saving, yes India needs to be corruption free. Yes, people should smile more.

But hey wait, that’s boring. Cut that bit. Let’s bring in the entertainment guys! I mean how bored are we? That’s our motivation to support good things? Because entertainment is what’s used to get us off our asses. That or the barring of the highest currency denominations.
And it’s not a recent phenomena, it’s more of a chicken and egg dilemma since even news broadcasters package a single headline into a half-hour segment full of Bollywood references, and Indian idioms.

A large number of us sit here complaining about Trump winning the elections, (without completely understanding our own political situations) when we’re also the country who supported the Bachchans, the Dutts, Smriti Irani, (to name a few) and many others to political designations.

Even the US made Arnie a governor before making Trump a President. So how far off are we?

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