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7 random takeaways from Dilwale’s ‘Gerua’

This is the inaugural post at REVHUMAN! Thank you for reading what you’re about (or attempting) to read. We’re big Shah Rukh Khan fans here, and one of his upcoming movies ‘Dilwale’ is very close to its release.

So we thought, why not kick this blog off with the *wait they are back together dancing & romancing in a beautiful scenery* song ‘Gerua’. Here are 8 random things that you can take away from Dilwale’s ‘Gerua’.

1. It’s a reminiscent of ‘Sooraj Hua Madham’ from Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham. In fact some say this song is ‘Sooraj hua…’ on steroids.

giphy (1).gif

Then singing sensation Sonu Nigam has been replaced with now singing sensation Arijit Singh. The locations are serene, dupatta’s and pallu’s are flaring, Kajol’s STILL running, you get the drill.

But somehow, Rohit Shetty’s limitation as a romantic director came through, the unnecessary slo-mo has made sure none of the actors lip-sync the song naturally. Heck, even SRK who’s historically brilliant at lip-syncing romantic tracks is unable to look convincing enough. That is a huge let down.

Unless they originally had the track song by someone else or in some other tune, this makes little sense. And even then it isn’t fair to the fans.

2. They somehow got access to the ‘Microsoft Windows Master Folder of Desktop Wallpapers’ and shot the video around it.


We have seen the making of this song (and also a piece of Justin Bieber’s “I’ll Show You”) and we know that these are actual places. But we also know that SRK owns one of the best VFX companies in the country. Because hey, look at that damn rainbow. Just look.

Speaking of VFX…

3. VFX: It’s like photoshop, but for videos.

Even all of that graphical-might still had Shah Rukh asked to suck in his cheeks during the song. No not those cheeks.


The VFX used on on their faces is pretty prominent if you’re a realistic fan and know the age of the stars. Both of them might still look younger than their actual age in real-life, but goodness this is a little too much.

4. They did a K3G again!

And by that we don’t mean another romantic song, they overshadowed the other two lead actors in the movie by a long shot.

giphy (2).gif

This will be THE song of the movie. Everything else, will be eventually forgotten!

5. That sounds familiar…

Hibernate (2).jpg

The melody of the song sounds similar to quite many songs if you notice hard there’s little similarity to ‘Yeh Raat Bheegi Bheegi’. That happens a lot anyway so it’s not like it’s a crime or something, but to add on to that suspicion is the guy who made the music. Also, their latest song ‘Janam Janam’ also has a similar tune. Come on, Pritam get your act together.

6. Shah Rukh Khan & Kajol are Jesus.

giphy (3)

Well, at least SRK is, because if you look at that gif again you can see that Kajol may be running from the shore, but King Khan is running from the deep end and he is dryer than an out-of-business laundromat!

7. We don’t need to see the movie to see the whole song.


Also, they released the entire music video on youtube. The entire thing. In HD. So all the nostalgic SRK-Kajol-DDLJ-K3G-MNIK etc fans don’t even have to go to the theatre to see their magical chemistry.

Let’s just hope that people will still go in the theatre and watch the movie because the trailer seems to be holding a lot back.

We will be watching the movie and giving you a review, so we suggest you go do that too! And that’s all from REVHUMAN for now. Leave a comment in the (you know it) comments section & tell us how you liked this review of Dilwale’s ‘Gerua’!

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