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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)

Greetings fellow Revhumans! Time to talk about a movie we waited for a long-long time. And now that it’s here. We’ve seen it or skipped it and the excitement’s all gone… It’s time to sit back and think… Was it really worth it?

Read further as Revhuman reviews Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice (Sadly, there are technically no spoilers if you’ve seen the trailers.)

Batman v Superman is an extension of its trailer and a few hastily stitched sequences.

There is barely any information in the movie that’s unpredictable since the trailer revealed pretty much everything. Due to which some sequences felt dragged and unnecessary because anyone who saw any of the trailers knew the outcome of most scenarios. For eg all the mystique created around Gal Gadot’s character seemed pointless since we all knew she’s WW.

The only thing that shone out of the movie was the character dilemmas faced by Batsy and Supes at separate, unrelated moments. That made you look at the heroes in a relatable light. Something that’s always been missing, especially in the cinematic renditions of Superman so far.

Ben Affleck did not seem out of place as Wayne, Henry Cavil was at his awkward best (here’s hoping it’s intentional and not a permanent character trait)

Lex Luther starts off a little slapstick making you underestimate his evilness, but the character’s choice of words, expressions and ploys grow him into the Luthor we all love to hate.

Jesse Eisenburg is flawless in his portrayal but his performance kept exuding that feeling of familiarity as if resembling some actor in a similar psychopathic role.

A lot of scenes that didn’t need detail were kept abrupt, and it didn’t look very attractive. Revhuman waits for the rumoured 4-hour cut of the movie to see how the movie was intended.

There was absolutely no explanation of Batman’s ‘visions’ or the fact they were just that and had no substance. Either that or the explanation was a little too layered for little old revhuman to decipher.

The dafuq moments: The Bollywood-esque twist that ends the fight between B & S. Almost any scene with Lois Lane. The forceful introduction of the justice league.

The good bit: Well, that’s the tough part. There’s not much to play with here. Probably going to put the money on the Super-battle between the foes to bros just for the sheer fanboy awesomeness it generates in concept and outcome.

The movie isn’t too bad and pretty good considering DC. But in comparison to the hype they built and the promos that they threw around and the inconclusive outcome they gave us in the name of a movie… It’s pretty disappointing.

What are your thoughts on the movie? Drop a comment and let’s take the discussion forward! Revhuman out.

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