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Sunny Side Up: The Krrish 3 Experience

Just a couple of days back I caught up with my college buds. We had a stimulating chat about movies, theatre and whatnot creative. One of them discussed the plot of Krrish 3 and said how Ra.One had a better story.

Firstly, I find it funny when people compare Krrish 3 & Ra.One especially because it doesn’t matter to either Hrithik or SRK that which movie performed better. Shahrukh Khan is to benefit from the success of Krrish 3 as well, for his VFX house did a major chunk of work on it. Talk about business-mindedness.

Coming back, while discussing the movie’s plot, the bugger disclosed all the ‘suspense’ from the movie.

I’m normally the one to get agitated by such farce. Hate having my movies spoiled, even if I don’t intend on watching them. But I was in a jolly nostalgic mood and my friend thought he’s doing us a favour by indulging in the verbal-diarrhoea.

Ironically, the plot twists seemed intriguing enoughfor me to actually be interested in watching the movie.

Well, on the following Sunday evening my sister, (she’s the actual reviewer from our family) told me she has a bad print of Krrish 3 in her HD if I have the himmat to see it. Little did she know I was actually keen.

No I won’t be discussing the plot or anything. It’s not a review review. Like I said that’s the sister’s job!

I cracked a lot of jokes & made fun of how the movie would be a travesty. But now that I actually liked it I thought I need to give respect where it was due.

One thing I was sure of. Must fast-forward the songs. And which I did.

Here’s what I think of the movie, in the literal sense…

Some arbitrary moments:

  • The entrance of our Solar-Powered Superhero contained a background score that would cause Hans Zimmer a heart-attack or at least an unpleasant gulp
  • Vivek Oberoi’s character spread doom in the entire world, but he never heard of Krrish until his attack on India was foiled by him. You think people would do enough publicity around the world of a super-being, especially with his wife being a TV-journalist? But no, his reach was too local probably
  • Some movies have a few frames dedicated their sponsors prior to the movie. Krrish 3 didn’t need that. They had the brands seamlessly (or shamelessly) advertised throughout the movieBrand Promotions everywhere!

I personally feel they had created such a good platform to promote solar-powered appliances, you know with the dhoop and all. Lost opportunity I feel.

  • The Shaktimaan-esque scene where Krrish advises a kid to not emulate him was a much needed social message; you can’t trust kids these days
  • And finally, loved how they showed Krishna (Alter-ego)’s failure to sustain jobs due to his unexplained absences, a very good touch


  • Hrithik Roshan did a more than decent job as Rohit Mehra, he was much comfortable and his presence was pretty strong, unlike the second part ‘Krrish’ where he was made to act far too shrill and old.He did a below-par job as Krrish, though. His muscles had more expressions than his face.

Also, I think Hrithik Roshan shivers too much while emoting anger.

This video always makes me wonder why the guy didn’t shoot him. He was far enough and saw him coming with a knife. 😐

Rohit’s character being an exception who’s been constantly shivering for three movies now. Okay nevermind.

  • Kangana Ranaut was the eye-candy throughout. Just makes you wonder what was Priyanka Chopra’s role in the movie then? A substantial part, you wouldn’t say?
  • Vivek Oberoi was above-par. He played a mixture of Charles Xavier & Jean Grey with Magneto’s mind. It’s been a while & not many people care about him anymore as they used to. But he did a good job. His voice gave the required depth to the character

Major WTF moment:
This Bugger!
There is a mutant fused from a frog and a man who can stick to walls (what?) & uses his powers to steal ice-cream from the unknowing (WAT?) He even hibernated for some time but woke up pretty soon.


Kudos to Rakesh Roshan, he’s one of the more senior pros on the director’s chair but loved how he embraced technology and used to bring forward a good experience. The climax of the movie reminded me of an adage most writers are inspired by at some point of their career: ‘The pen is mightier than the sword.’ I think i’ll just leave it at that.

The movie seems to be inspired from many many movies. But the effort to combine all of it and make it a watchable movie is definitely commendable. The target audience of this movie is probably those who haven’t seen the originals anyway. So what the heck, eh?

With its good, bad and ugly points.. Krrish 3 acts as a decent movie experience. I mean hey, why question the logic of sci-fi entertainment?

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