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Zyaadatar ads zyaadatar paaye gaye hue insights pe based hai…

Saurav Fn Ganguly crashes a man’s wedding because he claims he bought gold for his daughter’s wedding from a Rajasthan craftsmen. Which he did buy from. But zyaadatar gold ki kaarigari Kolkata mein ki jaati hai so fuck you father of to-be-married daughter and your false claims.

Who’s your Dada?

What is the sole motivating factor for Saurav Ganguly to shove this insight down the throat of the father of the groom?

“Kolkata Mera Hai.” Can you argue with that? CAN YOU ARGUE WITH DADA?

What they didn’t show you was how Ganguly beat the shit out of the catering guy who claimed rasgullas were made in their kitchen and not in Kolkata. KOLKATA MERA HAI, @!#&$%!

Let’s all hope there’s no Gobar gas in our deodorant!

Imran Khan and Manjot Singh (that Oye Lucky Lucky Oye actor everybody loved until he did a series of legit horny ads with Shweta Tiwari for some deodorant.)

I’m not exaggerating.

Nope, not one bit.

Manjot decided to scale up and jump ship to another deo brand, also endorsed by the aforementioned Imran ‘Kabhi Kabhi Aditi’ Khan.

The dudes planning the ad probably thought poaching the bloke would give their non-gas product a step up against the gas ones. Or not, but we remember nevertheless.


Now, there are many things wrong with the ad product of this partnership, namely:

Who the fuck plays truth and dare and asks deodorant mein kaunsa gas hota hai.
I mean there’s Lauren Gottlieb sitting right across you. For those who don’t know names and are extremely visual people, visualise these adjectives: That insanely hot amazing dancer foreigner bollywood lady (did I mention she is hot?). And you ask deodorant mein kaunsa gas hota hai. Class act. Give that man a wedding ring!

Doesn’t matter, got paid.

And you’d only think that’s the most emotionally disturbing aspect of this ad, but no.

Imran Khan, gestures to his friend to let ’em in the secret. Yo boy I empower you to unleash this spec of information grand in magnitude. Go boy, let em have it. Drop the hottest mixtape of 2016.”

Zyaadatar deodorant mein… LPG hota hai.


First I tell ’em about the gas, and then I get myself some a.. never mind. 

Look at that face of mockery. He’s playing truth and dare with two potentially amazing girls (you can’t read personality in 30 seconds) and looks down on them for not knowing that zyaadatar deodorant mein LPG hota hai.

Matlab, kuch-kuch deodorant mein toh hota bhi nahi hai. So he frowns upon a bunch of people for an unreliable, unquantifiable piece of information. It’s like we’re on the internet or something (4th wall stare).

Just like Saurav “IDGAF if it’s your baby girl’s wedding” Ganguly, this bloke too just became the purveyor of judgement based on possibly inaccurate unmeasurable data and the protagonist of a type of ad jo zyaadatar bakchodi ki category mein gini jaati hai. I may not be right, but I may not be wrong as well. #Ahhyessir

I wonder the mental condition of the girl who still curses herself for not choosing dare. #DreamToDare

The only reprieve she takes away from the incident is cancelling the plan of getting drunk and hooking up with that deo mein gas dude.

But it doesn’t matter, zyaadatar deodorant mein LPG hota hai.

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