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APP REVIEW: WordPress for Android

The WordPress app for android had an annoying text editor. But that pretty much got sorted with the new update (5.6.1).

Though they got rid of the preview post button and you only see previews after pressing publish, which is weird and doesn’t really instill too much confidence.

Unlike its desktop browser counterpart, you can’t just paste a YouTube link and expect to see a video. If you can, the REVHUMAN hasn’t figured that out, and trust me, REVHUMAN looked very hard.

To the extent, when trying to copy paste a video through HTML of another post, REVHUMAN probably caused an edit and couldn’t see the video even in the original post.

And that’s why instead of logging in from the laptop and linking the YouTube video, REVHUMAN decided to write a review on that experience.

Overall the WordPress app for Android is good. Good enough to upload a simple Text + Native Image blog post from the phone. But not good enough to do link inserts. Also, a very important feature for bloggers, the intrigue-building ‘Read More’ tag. If you’re reading this post directly from the home page without clicking on the article header, it’s because of the lack of the ‘more tag’.

So plan your mobile blogging accordingly, if it’s a short textual post, or an intro leading to a link, you shouldn’t face any difficulties on the WordPress app (unless the link’s from YouTube.) REVHUMAN out!

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