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OMG – Oh My God! (2012)

OMG is the closest ‘Bollywood’ has ever gone towards a religious satire while pleasing and displeasing people from both sides of the coin.

An atheist passes frivolous remarks on a public forum which motivates the superstitious public to serve their deities’ statues milk products.

Out of a twist of fate the man loses his shop to damage done by an earthquake which affects only his shop and to no other surrounding properties.

The film also highlights typical Indian quirks where the only thing in the safe were the insurance papers and everything of value was out open.

The man confidently goes to claim the insurance money only to be told his policy didn’t cover the ‘act of god’.

On the verge of bankruptcy, to reclaim the loss, the man tactfully decides to sue ‘god’ for looting his shop.

The movie brings out beautiful ironies through its dialogue. Questioning the application of Act of God on an atheist.  Rejecting a reputed lawyer after himself being rejected by everyone else as he finds out that he’s religious.

Finally succeeding by taking help from a lawyer of a different religion. He tackles the problem of ‘finding the location of god’ by sending a legal notice to all godmen who claim to receive the good word of the lord.

The case in mind is that had the earthquake been an act of god, god himself is responsible and must be reprimanded. And as the godmen claim god to not be responsible, the insurance agency should pay what he deserves.

This entire journey begins with case being accepted in the court of law, corrupt godmen ploying to tackle this issue while creating a name for themselves.

Beautiful arguments ensue, questioning the existence of god by utilizing the laws. Hoards of people turning up to file their cases against god too. Panicking insurance companies trying to prove god exists so that they he can pay the claims instead. This humorous satire is fast-paced and poetry in motion.

The major twist of the movie lies when god himself shows up to save Kanji from agitated followers (paid goons in this scenario) and guides him to safety.
Later the same god shows up at his doorstep as the bike-riding, charming Krishna claiming to be the new owner of the mortgaged house.

Does Kanji win the case, does god turn him into a believer? Will the world finally meet god himself?

Who will win this media-hyped war of blind superstition backed by greedy influential ‘godmen’ against a logical atheist backed by his rights? And how does god affect this equation.

Watch this intelligent, well researched movie full of witty statements and subtle twists and discover story-telling that addresses every religious stereotype and superstition there is in Hindu Culture.

Middle-class Hindu Man vs. The Hindu God. Which side are you on?

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