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You should watch Double XL on Netflix (2023) – Abridged Review

Shikhar Dhawan sapno ka raajkumar?
Huma Qureshi gets turned down for marriage she wanted to turn down herself because fat.
Sonakshi Sinha gets cheated on because fat or the dude wanted to take advantage of her job? (not cleared)
Huma doesn’t get auditioned for her dream job as a sports presenter because fat.
Sonakshi about to miss opportunity of a lifetime to make a fashion documentary not because fat.
But because she roped in a director to work for free who was friends with ex-boyfriend who cheated on her. But somehow the movie segues because fat.
Huma-Sonakshi cross paths in the bathroom over tears and tissues and decide to solve their problems by murdering each other’s antagonists by working together.
The funny scene from the trailer with the dialogues on the unrealistic body standards set for women. (It’s funny and true)

They shall go to London to shoot travelogue as Huma Qureshi has done mass comm from Kanpur and can direct stuff.
Stoner cameraman.
Quirky line producer.
London thumakda-esque music.
Kapil Dev with straightened hair and a hairband!?!?!
Ranveer Singh effect. Of course.

“Jo majja aapke saath karke aaya woh kabhi nahi aaya” – Kapil Dev after the interview. (actual line in movie)

Missteps towards sports presenting career.
Revelations for fashion line.

Guru Randhawa with superwoke mom.

Missteps turn out to be masterstrokes
cc: Jimmy Shergill

Honestly my only critique of the movie is the realisation of having an inclusive fashion brand because that should’ve been a core motivation to begin with.

Double XL is a feel-good comedy drama in the vein of Queen and English Vinglish, probably just not as grand. Huma’s character (Rajshri) is the key focus of the movie and is the reason for the storyline’s progress. Sonakshi’s character (Saira) supports her well without stealing her spotlight and yet maintaining her presence as the co-lead star.

To conclude: Huma Qureshi and Sonakshi Sinha were very good and are the only reason to watch this movie.

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